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Manda's Place
Some Thangs 'Bout Meh
Fun Places
Talk Ta Me!


~*SuP eVeRyBoDy...SpAnX aLoT fO cOmIn Ta MaH sIte!*~

~*I hAd Ta PuT jUsT 1 tHaNg AbOuT mY cOuSiN jOhN oN hUrR...aNd YeAh...He'S dEaD...aNd If Ya WaNnA kNoW hOw It HaPpEnEd Or NeThAnG...jUs ReAd A nEwSpApEr Or SoMeTiN dAt HaD hiM iN iT!dAt'S 1 oF hiS piCs ThAt WaS tAkEn NoT tO lOnG bEfOrE...yA kNoW*~


~*cUrReNt ThAnGz*~

~*NoTtIn MuCh HaS hApPenEd...Ya KnOw...SaMe Ol SaMe Ol*~

~*sPaNx Fo CoMiN tA mY cRaPpY sItE*~