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Welcome To My Site!

This is just a lil site w/ some thangs about me...I know it's little and sucky,but oh well!


Hey,my name's Amanda,but I like to be called Mandy considering everyone in my family does,and everyone who knows my family.But newayz.I'm 13 years old...a 7th grader at CMS...I have blue-green-gray eyes...light brown hair...I'm kinda short (about 5'2)...and that's pretty much it.I was born on December 4,1990 at 10:04 a.m,I didn't have ne,j/k.That's about all that I can think of about me right now...and if u wanna know nethang else just ask me.



What's been happenin?


Well...nottin much,I lost 1 of my best friends (u know who u r) hurt just a lil bit the 1st day,then the next morning I woke up,and said to myself...I have other friends newayz,and if she acted liek that she wasn't a real friend.


BLAH! (lol)

Thanks 4 visiting my site...and plz e-mail me or somtin,I get kinda lonely,lol,j/k.